Compliance Assessment

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Compliance Assessment

This service primarily focuses on the federal, state and foundational grant post-awards. Program Review is a systematic way to (1) evaluate the quality and effectiveness of a project in achieving its goals; (2) identify strengths and areas for improvement; & (3) provide recommendations and assisting in the development of strategic plans and priorities for improvements for the future. In consultation with staff, key stakeholders and beneficiaries, we will utilize a combination of interrelated parameters based: on

  • Mission and Scope of Services

  • Organizational Structure and Personnel

  • Operational Effectiveness/Internal Controls

  • Compliance

  • Financial systems, policies and procedures (budgeting, purchasing)

  • Management/Personnel Effectiveness

Technical Assistance

We provide a range of services to help you effectively manage grant programs, ensuring the highest standards of accountability. Our priority, when your grant is funded, is to support you in implementing a quality program that produces results. As your ongoing partner, we take on the frustrating details of grants management to help you keep your program on track via:

  • Providing Ongoing Consultation

  • Accessing Best Practices and Research

  • Assisting with Budget Management

  • Preparing for Monitoring Calls and Site Visits

  • Assisting with Sustainability Planning

Project Development

Starting a new program is challenging and daunting. Where should you begin? Which priorities are in fact, Priorities? This service assists new program directors, institutions, community organizations and other agencies with implementing a plan of operation into practice. It encompasses assisting with:

  • Developing Appropriate Forms

  • Establishing Record keeping and Documentation Practices

  • Recruitment and the Selection of Participants for the Program

  • Methods for Data Collection for Programmatic Evaluations & Assessments

  • Processes for Budget Management

  • Developing policy and procedural manuals

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