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Grant Proposal Writing

A major goal in grant proposal writing is to demonstrate that your organization are well prepared to achieve the specific aims in the document. From pre-RFP proposal planning through proposal delivery, we write compliant, clear, and persuasive proposal text for a proposal. We specialize in interviewing subject matter experts (SMEs) and compiling the information, creating compliant content from existing or “problem” text, or developing and writing specific sections of proposals, such as need justification, budgeting and management plans for federal and state grants.

When applying for funding, grant seekers typically focus on emphasizing the feasibility, novelty, and significant implications of their proposed project. Neglecting factors beyond these can mean that a proposal based on new and exciting ideas may not be funded. It is always a good idea to get feedback on your grant proposal narrative from an outside reader. As a federal grant reviewer, we use a scoring rubric to indicate areas of strengths and/or limitations for an improved grant proposal for submission. This is a separate service from pre-RFP proposal planning and grant writing.

  • Learn How to Develop a Grant Proposal Writing Process
  • Writing a grant proposal is not a one-shot deal and takes

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